The Company

Prell Equity Advisors, LLC is solely owned and operated by John Prell. The company was created to provide exceptional service, deliver a straight forward approach to real estate, and to empower the client in the decision making process. The company is referral based and will connect you to the best mortgage lenders, inspectors, and service providers in the Portland Metro area.

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After working with local development and brokerage companies for nearly 13 years, John founded and opened Prell Equity Advisors as a full service real estate company. Embracing  an entrepreneurial spirit, he  also founded, owned, and operated the legendary Bitter End Pub, and opened Portland Furniture, which continues to operate today. John has renovated five historic homes and dozens of apartment communities in the Portland Metro Area. He has also represented a broad spectrum of landlord and tenants, ranging from law firms, bakeries, to the grocer. All of the above experiences contribute to the approach and know-how of a real estate transaction.

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Operating a business with discipline, consideration, transparency, and a strong moral backbone are core values to the company. John and his wife Sarah are dedicated to raising their two beautiful girls Skye and Heather Prell. John is an active volunteer for The American Lung Association and it's Climb for Clean Air program and is co-founder of Planet Med, a medical clinic that delivered three successful missions to Nepal and Bhutan.

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